Elizabeth Winkler specializes in the use of social networks such as Twitter for market research, sales predictions, and improving the efficiency of supply chain management. In 2009 she co-developed a system which uses Twitter chatter to predict movie sales. The results were published in The Wall Street Journal on November 30th,  2009. She now works at Salesforce.com on a new, top secret project.

Half Hungarian – half Mexican and having studied her whole life in a French Lycée, Elizabeth has gained an ability to seamlessly adapt to different cultures and quickly learn new languages. She has lived in Mexico City, San Antonio, Paris, Milan, Austin and at the moment calls San Francisco home. She is fluent in English, French, Spanish, and is proficient in Italian.

When not at work, she can be found practicing yoga (vinyasa or ashtanga), eating gelato, exploring new culinary scenes, or traveling.